Best Vacuum Sealer


Type Vacuum sealer machine
Material Stainless steel
Sealing Time 5sec
Vacuum Time 15sec
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 0.25kw
N.W. 5.5KG
G.W. 6.2KG
Dimensions 385*300*110mm
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EASY TO OPERATE: Fully automatic simple electric plug in design with the control center placed on the top panel and soft touch digital buttons along with led indicator lights.

EASY LOCK/UNLOCKING SYSTEM: The Food Saver System comes with an easy to use lock and unlocking system. Once the sealing bags are in place, close the lid and press down gently. Two buttons on opposite sides of the unit easily release/unlock the lid.

SEAL ONLY FUNCTION: The “seal only” function on the food vacuum sealer allows you to manually stop the vacuum and initiate the sealing process and full food preservation.

Pulse Mode: Different manufacturers may use different names for it, but pulse draws air out in bursts, so you can take most of the air out without crushing your product. This feature is useful on delicate items like muffins because it lets you remove air on-demand, whereas a normal cycle draws air out for a set time and can completely flatten soft items. When marinating it can be useful too, so you don’t draw liquids out of the bag.

Vacuum Cycle: A vacuum cycle is the point at which air is drawn out of the bag. The amount of time varies depending on the machine. Chamber vacuum packaging machines could completely vacuum out the air in 15 seconds and also seal the bag, ensuring better operational efficiency.

Seal Cycle: The seal cycle is when the machine closes the bag off, and the amount of time it takes varies on your unit creates a secure seal every time in just 6 seconds, conserving valuable.

Possible Field of Usage:


  • Whole stainless steel
  • Digital display
  • Dual pump & double sealing
  • Adjustable vacuum/seal time
  • Pulse vac function
  • Canister function
  • Rapid marinate function
  • Seal only function
  • Automatic lock and unlock system
  • Detachable power cord
  • MAX bag width: 31cm

Sell point: Adjustable vacuum/seal time. Digital display. Automatic lock and unlock system, Commercial use.

Overview: Suitable for small food factory, beverage factory and restaurant etc, for sealing milktea, bubble tea, fruit juice, soy milk, jelly, milk, ice cream, and other food and beverage goblet (box-shap)


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