Best Noodle Making Machine


Type Noodle making machine
Power Source Electric
Material Stainless steel
Weight 16kg
Power 450W
Dimension 700*360*570mm
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Best Noodle Making Machine in Bangladesh

Noodle Making Machine is to form a noodle by cutting the flour complete the surface of the dough, and then cutting it complete the surface side of the cut knife. This machine has the differentia of low noise, high efficiency, safety and health, no scrap, variable size and thickness, convenient use and convenient maintenance. So that the dumpling skin in appearance, taste, weight reach a unified space, which completely changed the current low productivity, employees waste, secondary pollution. It is accoutered with a rough knife and fine knife. It can be rolled noodles, which is very efficient and environmentally friendly noodle processing equipment.

Production capability: Noodle machine are high energy capability per hour 20 to 25 kg make the noodles. Quality noodles which considers manufacture of a noodles machine with a high volume production capability or efficiency.

Easy to adjust: There is digital control system which you can control as desired system as you need to make as well as set the timer. Easy to operate in this machine.

Stainless steel body: Noodles machine made by 304 Stainless steel body provides long durability with easy cleaning.


  1. The machine is made from imported material, all-metal chrome plated, with compact structure, novel design, pleasant appearance and hygienic standard, thus being healthy and environmental friendly.
  2. Turn off the power and then use a cloth or brush to clean after using. Excess dough stuck to components can be easily removed by hand, and then wipe it with clean water or damp cloth.
  3. The electric noodle machine suitable range:
    Individual family noodle shop, school, canteen, restaurant, hotel, site, catering pasta production.

Possible Field of Usage:

  1. Noodles factory
  2. Hotels
  3. Home


The most flexible of the operated noodles machines. A complete system of accessories that may be fitted on the machine body enables you to obtain more than the different shape of noodles.


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