Best Electric Salamander


Type Electric salamander
Power 2.2W
Voltage 220-240/50Hz
Dimensions(mm) 580*410*395
Product Code: S1465 Category:


Adjustable layers: In this electric salamander have adjustable crumb tray you can adjust five different positions to make perfect grilling, toasting and wide range of products. Most salamanders use a simple notch mechanism, whereby the height ofter  tray or pan shelf is raised or lowered manually.

Temperature control system: A perfect temperature is very much important to cook food. Features adjustable temperature control between (50 to 300) ℃ you may adjust temperature for perfect cooking.

Safer: The overhead heat has the advantage of allowing foods to be grilled without the risk of flare-ups caused by fat dripping onto elements or burners.

Fast heat up: many can be ready very quickly in comparison to full-size ovens.

Flexible: Salamander grills aren’t just great for cooking. They can re-heat and hold dishes, as well as gently melt cheese or brown off a topping

Possible Field of Usage:

  • Home
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • coffee shops
  • Bars delis and bistros


  •  All stainless steel body with adjustable layers
  • 50 to 300 ℃ temperature adjustable temperature control
  • Multilayer adjustable tray
  • Different kinds of food cooking


A Salamander Grill, commonly known as just a Salamander, is essentially a high temperature overhead grill which is usually used for toasting, browning or even simply hot holding dishes at a set temperature.

Available in gas or electric versions, a salamander grill is a common sight in the professional kitchen, as it can fulfil many different roles using relatively little space. Due to the design, salamander grills are usually mounted directly on a wall or shelf, so that the cooking is done at eye level – ideal for monitoring the cooking process.


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